What Every Parent Should Know About Creativity


creative arts summer camp

What is Creativity?

Creativity is the ability to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods and interpretations that entail originality, progressiveness and imagination. Creativity is useful in solving problems and communication with others. Children may display creativity in their art, the language they use, the sounds they make, the clothes they wear, how they move and many other ways. Being creative helps children to adapt and respond to a rapidly changing world. 

Creativity should be an important part of our children’s education!

Today our schools are focusing upon basic skills, which is important. We need to make sure that our children learn core competencies in basic reading, math and other key academic areas. Unfortunately, too often this happens to the detriment of other learning areas, especially art and creativity. In fact, 44% of school districts across the US report a decrease in the time spent on art, music and science and other areas*. Yet ever increasing globalization and competition require creative thinkers who can innovate.

Do all children have creative potential?

The good news is that all children are creative. They would not be able to sing a song or navigate a room without these innate abilities. However, children need to learn how to further develop these abilities. Classes and activities that inspire creativity and engage children in the creative process are beneficial for all children. Truly “creative” children and adults can process ideas, design creative solutions and use their imaginations.