Who Are We

Abrakadoodle is all about creativity for kids, which since it was founded in 2002 in USA, it has delivered the very best in visual arts classes for kids, art camps, art parties and art events. Voted “Best Art Class to Inspire Your Child’s Inner Picasso,” we have inspired more than One Million Kids around the world.

How We Do It

Abrakadoodle brings art to kids at our colourful studios or onsite to kids in schools and community sites through our mobile art program. We provide well-trained teachers, who help inspire kids to immerse in learning and creating art – sometimes getting messy but always having a blast! Our expansive art lesson plans are unrivaled, exceeding national standards for visual arts education.

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Our Uniqueness


Process Art – Abrakadoodle embraces “process art”, which simply means that kids learn best as they explore art materials and the creative process of taking ideas from within and bringing them into existence. Abrakadoodle believes in hands-on, active discovery and exploration in our art classes for kids. This encourages a love of art, learning and innovation!


Artists Discovery – Kids learn about the art of classic artists such as Picasso and Rembrandt as well as contemporary artists such as wildlife artist Mort Solberg and food designer Lisa Cherkasky. Though our Artist of Distinction Program, kids learn about the many different ways working artists are creative.


Multi – Mediums – Kids explore art through painting, sculpting, drawing, collage, paper and fabric art, mosaics, anime, studio art and styles ranging from Pop Art to Pointillism and everything in between.


Gallery Time – Kids express their own ideas and originality as they experiment, problem-solve and create unique artworks. They develop confidence as their creativity soars. Self expression and presentation skills are enhanced in this process.

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The Abrakadoodle® mission is to enhance the lives of children by creating an educationally rich learning environment that ignites their imaginations and leads them to discover their own unique creativities, talents and abilities

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Making Artwork That Looks Like the Teacher's and Creating Your Own Original Masterpiece!
(And we are all about the latter)

Our Approach - Process Art

In Abrakadoodle class, we involve children in what is known as Process Art. We help children to explore, create and develop their own original ideas. We provide children with the inspiration, materials, guidance and tools to be creative. Each child creates original art work which is a reflection of his or her own personal interpretation and ideas. Here is additional information about Process Art.

What is Process Art?

When we think about art instruction, we often think about the outcome – “What a nice painting you created, Molly.” But what is really important is what Molly learned as she created her art. What she learned in the “process.” That’s Process Art – Art that places the emphasis upon the learning taking place through active discovery.

Why is Process Art so Important?

Teachers and parents who respect children’s ideas help them to learn to think and solve problems for themselves. Children who feel free to make mistakes and to explore will also feel free to invent, create and find new ways to do things.


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