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Check out our list of special events and enrichment programs such as Parent’s Night Out, Seasonal Themes such as Halloween, Christmas and more. Our art events in Singapore are always a blast and they fill up fast. Reserve your spot today! We also value partnership with Corporates for Team Building, Kids Parties and Schools for Holiday and Enrichment programs. Contact us by submitting the enquiry form below and we will get back to you in 3 working days.


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Art parties are the most enriching and engaging ways to make any occasion special. You can host your little one's birthday at our art studio by signing up for any of the special events, or choose to have our mobile art party arranged at your location, which consists of theme-based art activities designed to make your child's birthday a memorable celebration.
Our summer art camps in Singapore provide children with an enriching experience. A unique blend of literary and seasonal art activities for kids designed to keep them occupied during the holiday season promises to level up their fundamental skills and boost their creativity. Holiday art camps and workshops feature art lessons, games, storytelling and music among other activities that have proven to fascinate children!
Special art events for kids such as painting in the outdoors, proves to be an enthralling experience for children. These art activities stimulate a child's cognitive capacities and ignites their creativity. When children are encouraged to paint in an outdoor set-up, they tend to recognise distinctive colours, shapes, patterns, and textures more accurately. Painting outdoors also provides an opportunity for children to explore natural objects and incorporate them in their art creation as it adds to the beauty of their masterpiece.
Enrichment art programs incorporate themed art activities that enhance art learning both inside and outside of a classroom. Our theme-based workshops and special art events for kids provide them with an opportunity to observe and analyse the world around them, which stimulates their critical thinking skills, improves their problem-solving capabilities and allows them to get inspired as well as experiment with various elements of nature that surround them.
At Abrakadoodle, we strive to instil life skills in children such as confidence, leadership, practicality, and innovation through a wide range of themed art activities that include art and music. Art camps and special art events for kids foster social interaction and problem-solving skills. The process of creating art improves a child's mood and makes them more open to new ideas. Children learn to communicate more effectively when they engage in creative activities.
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