Elementary School Art Classes for ages 6 to 12

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art classes for 6 year olds kids

Class Description

Doodlers develop new skills and talents while designing unique creations using a variety of wonderful materials. Each Elementary School Art Class focuses upon developing skills, learning techniques and expanding self confidence. If you’re looking for unique art classes in Singapore for your kids, look no further than Abrakadoodle!

Doodlers develop:

  • Artistic skills and craftsmanship
  • Knowledge of artistic styles and art history
  • Imaginative projects
  • The power of self expression, and more!



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Frequently Asked Questions

Kids are naturally inspired by diverse art techniques, discovering well-known artists and exploring different artistic styles. They tend to easily immerse themselves in the realm of process art, which allows children to acquire artistic skills through a variety of age-appropriate creative activities. Adding to their artistic development and creative growth, the process art approach also boosts confidence levels and instills problem-solving skills in children.
Since a substantial portion of neural development occurs during early childhood up to the age of 5, the majority of artistic skills are ingrained in children aged 6 to 12 years. During the early phases of growth, children are quick at grasping new art techniques and experimenting with different artistic styles, which enhances their self-confidence and stimulates creativity.
When kids are engaged in art projects, they become more sociable, self-reliant, rational, focused, and innovative in their approach. When kids practise the skills they acquire through art education, they overcome barriers gracefully, grasp and master challenging subjects, and accomplish goals in all aspects of their development, including physical, mental, and emotional growth. Artistic skills also improve their problem-solving capabilities.
Abrakadoodle is one of the most unique art classes for kids in Singapore that promotes art education to enhance a child's holistic development. Through the process art approach, children learn to experiment and innovate with their artwork in the process of creation and grab the opportunity to express their ideas and experiences before their peers. Thus, it boosts their confidence and raises their self-esteem as they discover their innate artistic skills.
Indulging in creative activities makes children enthusiastic about discovering the unknown, stimulates them to think through various perspectives and encourages them to resolve issues using their intrinsic artistic skills, as well as allows their imagination to soar. In the course of art creation, a rich combination of passion for creativity and imagination leads children to an enriched learning experience with enhanced social skills, literary skills, and self-esteem.