Canvas Classes

$299 / 4 lessons

Let imagination fly high!

Your child will love to create unique masterpieces on canvas as they learn all about acrylic painting! In this class, kids will get to use a variety of brushes as they learn different brush strokes, and master the art of mixing and layering colours.

Our canvas class is designed to inspire kids to tap into their inner creative genius and create art that is unique to them – making them feel empowered and expressive. It’s truly amazing to witness the magnificent creations that kids give shape to when given the freedom to explore and express themselves creatively!

Get the Monthly Canvas Pass – 4 lessons @ just $299* 
*Valid for 5 weeks.

Available at our River Valley & Tanglin centres

Duration: 2 Hours

Sign your kid up for a magical & creative learning experience like no other!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Creative art activities play a significant role in supporting a child's development by encouraging children to express their thoughts and ideas through amazing artworks. Art activities also help toddlers improve their fine motor abilities and social skills as they collaborate with their peers to create some exceptional artwork. Canvas art is one of the most basic art techniques that stimulates a child's critical thinking skills whilst providing them with absolute creative freedom.
Cotton canvas is highly recommended for amateur artists since it is one of the most popular and economical acrylic canvas painting alternatives. On the other hand, linen canvas is best suited for huge paintings that require heavier paint applications and intricate art work, such as portrait painting, and abstract canvas art. Based on the requirements, one can choose among the common styles of canvases, including pre-stretched canvases, canvas panels, canvas pads, and canvas rolls.
Paints, including acrylic paints or watercolours, paintbrushes, canvas, an easel, a colour palette, paper towels, plastic cups, and tapes are some of the fundamental art supplies used in canvas painting. Canvas art is one of the most fascinating and adventurous forms of art, especially for toddlers who enjoy complete creative freedom while creating their own masterpiece. Through canvas painting, children learn to explore a wide range of art supplies and painting techniques.
Preschoolers can easily adapt to changing circumstances when they learn to balance their emotions. Process art boosts their confidence and enhances their self-esteem, making them feel relaxed, cognitively agile, and aware. It also allows children to collaborate with their peers to create artwork together, which fosters social connections. Based on the process art approach, kids' canvas painting classes stimulate critical thinking skills and inspire children to experiment, explore, and express themselves creatively.
Canvas painting imposes no boundaries on a child's imagination, allowing them to express their creative skills, thoughts, and ideas through their artwork. Canvas art ignites their creativity by allowing them to experiment with innovative approaches on a single canvas. When children are given the opportunity to create their own masterpiece, they feel empowered and independent. Canvas painting also has a calming influence on a child's cognitive capacity, which makes it simpler for a child to comprehend complex subjects.