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Abrakadoodle Programs

A typical class starts with introduction. We show the Art Sample for the week’s art work and talk about the Artist of the Week. This would involve history, artist’s style, techniques, world cultures, inspiration and so much more. During the class, the children use their imagination while using a wide variety of materials, such as paints, clay and more. This would usually depend on the weekly lesson’s plan. Children would clean up when they have completed their artwork and prepare for Gallery Time. This is their special moment to share with their parents/guardian about their artwork and what have inspired them to create the art piece. The children will walk away from the class with an appreciation of art or the specific artist and of course a stamp or a delicious biscuit!
We start from 20 mths to 12yrs old.
Our maximum class size is 10 for Twoosy and 12 kids for Mini and Doodlers Class (may be some differences on maximum class depending on the different studios)
• 1 Teacher for 8 Children for Twoosy classes (20 months – 3 years old)
• 1 Teacher to 8 Children for Mini Doodlers classes (3 – 5 years old)
• 1 Teacher : 10 Children for Doodlers classes ( 6 – 12 years old)
In Abrakadoodle class, we involve children in what is known as Process Art. We help children to explore, create and develop their own original ideas. We provide children with the inspiration, materials, guidance and tools to be creative. Each child creates original art work which is a reflection of his or her own personal interpretation and ideas.

Teachers and parents who respect children's ideas help them to learn to think and solve problems for themselves. Children who feel free to make mistakes and to explore will also feel free to invent, create and find new ways to do things.
The courses can be started anytime. Parents just need to bring their kids and introduce them to Abrakadoodle, it’s that easy!
We offer trial class at $58 per child. This is for first timer and non members only.

Common Questions

Our class term enrol continuously throughout the year and new students can join in anytime as long as the class is not full.
Your child can start anytime! As with anything, the sooner one starts something the sooner they begin to learn and benefit from the program.
Kids experiment with color, form, line, shape, texture and value and make use of such creative art materials as bamboo brushes, molding compounds, wire, oil pastels and more.

Kids explore art through painting, sculpting, drawing, collage, paper and fabric art, mosaics, anime, studio art and styles ranging from Pop Art to Pointillism and everything in between.

Kids learn about the art of classic artists such as Picasso and Rembrandt as well as contemporary artists such as wildlife artist Mort Solberg and food designer Lisa Cherkasky. Through our Artist of Distinction Program, kids learn about the many different ways working artists are creative.

Our art lessons help children build cognitive skills including concept development, problem solving, language, history, measurement, critical thinking, fine motor development and many other skills that can contribute to school success.
While the Twoosy’s explore art using a hands-on, sensory approach, parents learn about the skills their children are developing and what is developmentally appropriate.

Our teachers also help parents feel empowered to nurture their child’s creativity without stifling the all-important process of active discovery learning. At a stage when their learning is so keenly sensory driven, our little artists will be encouraged to freely explore the art materials and will learn “arty words” that relate to their lesson.

Because language development is also so important, our instructors teach by asking a lot of questions, such as: What color is that? What do you think will happen if we mix these two colors? We know that while language is developing, art is a wonderful way to help children express themselves. It helps children say things with and without words.

Parents are then able to assist (when needed) and encourage the child during the class. They can also practice and repeat the same artwork at home to experiment with art and create the same environment again at home.
Children at this age become more independent as teachers are now interacting more directly with them. Parental involvement is gradually decreased and the children exude pride and self-esteem as they are treated like “big kids."

The development of social skills is emphasized, as the Mini Doodlers become good listeners, follow directions, cooperate in a group, and learn more about themselves.
At Abrakadoodle we have so much to offer you and your child. You'll not only enjoy coming to class each week, but also members only discounts and more.

Abrakadoodle members pay a one-time fee for lifetime membership. This lifetime membership may be used at any My Gym location islandwide.

As Abrakadoodle member, your child will receive a FREE Abrakadoodle T-shirt or Apron (seasonal). We will send you emails, SMS with special discounts welcoming you to our family. Make sure you stay on our email list so that we can notify you of upcoming members-only events.
Yes. We provide continuous in-house training as well as external upgrading programs off site.
Yes. Enrolling in additional classes will help your child develop strength and skills at a faster rate. However the class activities will be the same in the week as children needs a routine in order to build on skills.
Children can wear play clothes as art can be fun and messy. Favourite clothing, new clothes, jewellery are not encouraged.
Children have different learning styles and respond individually in a structured class. Some adapt faster whereas others consider each move carefully and spend a lot of time watching. It may take a number of sessions before your child begins to get very actively involved. At Abrakadoodle, we encourage each child to join in at their own phase, and to encourage them to participate in the activities at their choice. They will gradually gain confidence to try most things with parent’s encouragement and our teacher’s guidance.
Adhoc class fee is $55 per class per child.

Though we emphasise on skills development and the need for routine for your child to develop their skills and confidence. We encourage your child to join the same class weekly to create a routine and bonding with their friends and teachers.
There are no sibling discounts except membership. Sharing of term is only allowed for 45 Class credits package.

Sibling discounts are applicable for our Theme Parties.
All fees paid are non-refundable.

However, we are confident that all children will enjoy Abrakadoodle program if our parents work with our teachers while your child settle into the program. Different children will take different time period when they settle in a new environment. We believe that all children are unique.

Holiday Camps

Abrakadoodle Art Camps inspire kids to reach beyond and create art that is unique to them. By doing so, kids feel empowered to be creative and expressive. It’s amazing to see just what kids design when given the freedom to explore and to express themselves creatively! Imaginations soar!
Our camps is a drop-off program that also instils independent skills.
No, we are not registered with MCYS as we are not a childcare centre. CDA and Baby Bonus will not be applicable.


We have a strict policy regarding cleanliness. We vacuum, mop, wash our used art materials on a daily basis. We also take temperatures and sanitize the child’s hand when they attend their class.