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Abrakadoodle’s comprehensive Mobile Art Program provides students with experiences with a wide variety of materials, techniques, styles and more. Students use specialty materials (such as bamboo brushes and embossing materials), learn about contemporary and master artists, explore art from around the world, work in 2 and 3 dimensions and much more! A team of experienced artists and educators design the Abrakadoodle curriculum. These kids mobile art classes focus on providing a balanced program that sequentially builds both skills and knowledge. The program simultaneously develops educational and artistic skills.

You can feel confident that you are providing a standards-based program through Abrakadoodle’s Art in Our World. Not only does the program exceed the National Standards for the Visual Arts but it also includes cross-curricular lessons in the areas of Math, Literacy, Science and Social Studies.

The Abrakadoodle Mobile Art Program provides a teacher who meets your requirements and is trained in both the execution of the Abrakadoodle standards-based curriculum and the development of personal creativity in students.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The mobile art programme, as part of art education, assists schools and enrichment institutions in providing a comprehensive learning experience that complements a child's academic journey. Being exposed to a variety of art techniques, art materials, and lessons, kids feel inspired to apply all that they have learned across other areas of education, including academics. As a result, art activities boost academic performance from a tender age.
When children understand the fundamentals of art techniques, art materials, and styles, they can easily adapt and master any form of art in the subsequent stages of learning and development. When kids master the basics of art, they gain confidence in their creative approaches and make room for new discoveries and breakthroughs.
Visual arts play a significant role in assisting children to harness their full potential and in promoting personality development. Incorporating a mobile art program into the school curriculum will provide an excellent opportunity for children to adapt to the exciting yet rewarding side of art education. It majorly improves their cognitive and imaginative capabilities.
Art activities assist in the overall development of young children. Hence, academic programmes that integrate creative arts in early childhood education tend to obtain more credibility. Some of the popular art activities that involve children in holistic learning include sketching, painting, sculpture, drawing, and arts and crafts. Through a series of well-structured art activities, mobile art programs focus on enhancing both educational and creative skills in children.
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