Toddler Art Classes for ages 20 months to age 3

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Class Description

This special parent/child class is a highly recommended first Toddler Art Class. Twoosy Doodlers is a unique art class for toddlers in Singapore, where they develop their sensory skills as well as fine and gross motor skills. They learn about color, texture and more while experimenting with new, engaging materials.

Twoosy Doodlers develop:

  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Language
  • Social skills
  • The ability to experiment while having FUN!



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1 Hour
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Jurong | River Valley | Orchard
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Engaging kids in art activities right from the start helps ignite the creative spark in them, sharpens their fine and motor skills and provides them with an opportunity to discover or learn independently through the process of art creation, rather than focusing on the final outcome. While experimenting new art techniques and mastering new art lessons, kids begin to exercise creative thinking skills in order to create their own unique masterpiece.
Through creative and educational art activities, kids tap into the opportunity of creating their own masterpieces by relying on their fine motor skills and cognitive skills. Doodling, painting, colouring and drawing are art skills that demonstrate synchronized movement of small muscles in the hands and fingers. Besides strengthening sensory skills in toddlers, art also helps develop social skills, literacy skills and problem-solving skills.
The process art approach is exciting for kids as it gives them a hands-on experience in experimenting with different colours, textures and other art materials while inspiring their inner picasso. Learning about various artists, art forms, art techniques and freely expressing the original ideas behind the creation of an artwork before the class gets toddlers excited for joining art classes.
Creative and educational art activities offer a plethora of opportunities for kids to harness various skills that helps them throughout their academic journey. Art classes encourage kids to experiment with various art techniques, enhancing their cognitive skills. While exploring various art forms and applying new techniques, kids develop creative thinking skills and problem-solving skills as they approach art in their own unique manner. Presenting their creative ideas to their peers enhances their language and social skills.
Art is one of the most therapeutic and enriching branches of holistic learning that instils fundamental life skills in kids through a set of exciting art activities. The process art approach stimulates intellectual development, sharpens gross-motor and fine-motor skills, improves communication skills and boosts confidence. When kids focus on exploring and learning during the course of art creation rather than emphasizing on the final outcome, they begin to practise spatial reasoning skills, problem-solving skills and become more open to new experiences.
Art activities are designed to inspire kids to create their own unique masterpieces by channelling their imagination through various art tools and techniques, enabling their ideas to take a practical shape. Creative thinking skills come into play when kids begin to plan and understand the art lessons involved in creating the final outcome. Apart from creating their artwork during art classes, kids also develop self-expression skills when they are asked to present their creative ideas to their peers.