Future-Proof Your Child’s Future


tips to keep kids Interested in art

No matter how well-laid out our plans, the future has a way of surprising us. So the best way to prepare your child for success is by considering not only the changes that appear most likely to happen, but also the ones that you are not expecting.

Work with an objective of expanding your child’s mind, knowledge and experiences she will need to thrive in the 21st century. While no one can have control over what might happen in the future, the best thing you can do for your child is to help keep her curiosity and creativity skills alive.

Always encourage your child to explore her interests. Create plenty of opportunities for exploring, allowing her to fix problems on her own, praising her efforts, but not outcomes. Welcome mistakes as a part of the learning process – and have fun!

This way you and your child will be able to keep pace with the changes that will no doubt happen. In fact, when it is the future we are talking about, being flexible and open to new solutions is about the only way to face the future. So be prepared.

Encourage everything that interests your child

Thriving in the future will mean the ability to provide a framework for your child to learn and ask the right questions in a fast-changing world. In the world of information, you will get the right answer only when you know how to ask the right question. Children need to master the art of how to search, research and frame the right questions. 

Focused action is all you need to make it happen. Start with the basics. Help her stay curious, creative, and confident and be true to herself, no matter how much the environment around her changes. Then introduce the right skills one by one, and watch her grow into an adult who is resilient, flexible, able to adapt and actively involved in shaping her life.

Nothing is permanent or remains static in the world any longer, disruption will be the norm. She will also grasp the idea that having a rigid mindset will restrict her freedom to act, and this more than anything else hampers success.

Remember, all of tomorrow is open to your child, a curious and creative mind is all she needs to embrace it!

Keep the interest in art alive

Generally speaking, the most successful people come with an interest in arts. They include scientists who are Nobel laureates, entrepreneurs and inventors who are most successful, business people, teachers and politicians who excel at thinking on their feet.

For children with an artistic bent of mind, the future offers a wide choice and excitingly successful entrepreneurial opportunities and careers.

Art is an ever-expanding field, intensely exciting, highly remunerative and comprising not just art, photography, and design, but also overflows into the world of science, engineering, medicine, and the very technologies through which all this flows.

Visual culture is described as a world “where everything is increasingly driven by images.” You only have to look around to see and confirm this for yourself. See how prevalent and important images have become in our daily lives and in the environment we live in.

In the future it will not be the same, only different kinds of art will rule.

Sparkplug of the world

Picasso once said that “every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once she grows up.”So make it a point to nurture creativity in your child. Creativity is a way of thinking rather than a talent that we are born with.

Creativity is the ability to use the imagination to come up with ideas of value – an invention, a piece of art or a great solution to a problem. Throughout our lives and in our careers, creativity plays a critical role in shaping our success.In a world our child will inherit, the role of creativity is not going to change, it will become even more magnified.

Help your child grow up to be smart and stay creative. How she is going to acquire and build on her skill sets to prepare for the future.  Confidently developing flexibility and improving her capability to adapt and change each time a situation demands.

As a matter of fact, the world of your child as an adult will be completely different from the one we live in today. Hence, how your child learns to learn will decide how happy she will be, how well she will succeed, and how much she will be able to thrive in a constantly transforming world by expressing her ideas freely.

Creativity is the freest form of self-expression. Children will always find it very satisfying to be able to express themselves openly and without any prejudice or judgement coming in the way. Cultivate creativity, the amazing trait that will bring success to your child.

Play and learn

Learning is more compelling when you make it engaging when it is fun. Play helps gain key skills such as proficiency in language and improvement in understanding numerals and basic math. It also improves control over gross and fine motor movements. Have better control over hand-eye coordination, help move around confidently. Through play, your child’s social and creative skills get a big boost.

As a matter of fact, the more your toddler indulges in play, the easier it becomes for her to learn and team up with others to perform tasks. Work with children from different backgrounds and fully grasp the meaning and value of teamwork and how she can leverage it to achieve more.

There are no good or bad ideas

Every child is brimming with ideas and is indicative of the creativity that is inherent within her. Avoid ridiculing or discrediting an idea. But bear in mind, coming up with a bad idea is also the result of the same creative thought process that helps come up with great ideas. So good or bad idea, creative thinking is involved in both of them and has merit of its own.

Extract the good bits of an idea and help the child understand that she could also consider something else to add. Children who are afraid to make a mistake because they feel it will make them look bad or look less creative will clam up, and their mind shuts down.

Remember, when it comes to creativity there is nothing bad or wrong about any idea. Your focus should be on creating an environment in which your child is not afraid to think and express freely and genuinely feel that it is okay to make a mistake. Don’t be judgemental.

Never discourage anything, turn it into a game instead. Participating in your child’s activities at home will send very positive signals that words just cannot. Everything needs practice, including creativity. Pursue creative skill development processes with vigour, because the only goal of creativity is to prepare your child for future success.

Technology is a double-edged sword

When your goal is to prepare your child for the future, you have to hand her the key to access a process that facilitates self-growth and develop the habit of self-directed learning. Turn your child into a committed lifelong and adaptive learner.

When it comes to creativity, technology is both an enhancer and an inhibitor. You already have the tools and the knowledge for achieving these goals at hand, and they’re available to you 24×7. While technical skills are important, it is even more important to learn the “soft skills” that let your child optimize what she is exposed to and comes to know about while playing and learning at home, and later at school. 

Acquiring skills such as learning how to learn, learning to question everything, practicing lateral thinking, listening and observing without any preconceived notions, experimenting, synthesizing, critical thinking, and evaluating objectively. These are essential skills to enhance your child’s creativity, imagination, and problem solving capabilities to befuture ready.” This is a critical factor to take into account and understand very clearly.

Remember, both artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), will accelerate the process of replacing jobs we humans currently do, sooner than we think possible. This is why, helping your child grow into an individual who is irreplaceable is such a big deal and a great idea!

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