5 Tips On How To Instill Creativity In Your Kids Through Art


5 tips on how to instill creativity in your kids through art

Being creative in today’s modern world is a necessary trait in advancing both in school and in business. It pushes you to think out-of-the-box and come up with more innovative and imaginative solutions and possibilities. It also helps in reducing stress and encourages a love for learning.

So how do you instill or improve creativity in your kids? Introduce them to art. Exposing kids to artful activities not only develops their school-readiness skills but also improves other developmental areas such as cognitive, social and emotional skills.

Here are simple ways to instill a love for the arts in your little ones to help them become more creative:

1. Set up an art space at home

A dedicated space where they can draw, paint, cut, glue or do anything art-related can greatly benefit your kids into becoming more creative.

2. Talk about art

Expose them to art. Go to art museums, explain an art piece to them, describe colors and textures to them, read age-appropriate books about art and just basically, give them opportunities to learn and explore different art forms, methods, and practices.

3. Go for art classes and art camps 

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4. Give them more freedom

Avoid giving comments on how to make their art better. Making them color along the lines and trying to make them create an art that looks more refined would not only reduce their flexible thinking, it would also make them feel frustrated and doubtful about their creative capabilities. 

5. Focus on the process, not the end-product.

Encouraging them to focus on what they’re doing, rather than thinking how fast can they finish an artwork or how it should look like, would benefit your kids’ creative thinking. Art is about experimentation and self-expression so just let them explore the possibilities and don’t worry about how an art piece would look like in the end.

Give your kids a creative head start and expose them to art, early on. Provide them creative opportunities and let them become more flexible thinkers and better problem-solvers later on in life.