How To Make Online Art Class More Helpful At Home


Online Art Class

Children and parents across the world are stuck at home once again. With schools closed they now have a whole lot of time on hand and not a lot to do. But there is a way out of this boredom.

Using simple art materials and engaging art classes, you can make learning more fun and interesting. Learn new skills, work with art materials and art techniques.

Use the following tips to make your home conducive to art classes, set the pace of how you and your child are going to have fun at home through art. Exploring a whole set of exciting and wonderful creative art projects together. Confidently and independently. Keeping you and your child happy, excited and socially connected.

Start an art movement

As you are at home, you have to be your own master. Help your child participate and complete all lessons. Be her guide. If you think your child is finding it difficult to cope,get her to call our Abrakadoodle teachers. Talk about her difficulty and take the initiative, introduce yourself and your child to the art of building relationships.

Create an art corner

Create a dedicated space for learning art. This can be anywhere in your home: the kitchen table, the study, near the balcony, under the stairs. A dedicated workspace helps your child to stay grounded and organized. Also ensure you have high-speed internet access along with a decent pair of noise cancelling headphones or dialogue enhanced speakers. They help focus, her the teacher clearly, and boost overall online art class experience.

Set a time & stick with it

Not everyone learns the same way or prefers the same timing. Remember, your child is not at a school, but at home. So after you’ve established where your child can sit down comfortably, think about when to schedule the art classes. At Abrakadoodle, we have a great class schedule that might suit your needs. If she likes to study early in the morning, great.  If it is  late evening when she works best, so be it. Help set a time when everything around the house is quiet and calm. Once set, stick to it.

Make time work for you

Being aware of time and a little self-reflection will go a long way to help optimize the time you have on hand. A 45 minute online art class for instance can create an hour or two of learning time. Practicing what was taught online will establish a time frame for doing this activity on a daily basis. This way, both you and your child will know what is on the card every day. Teaching your child to manage her time well will quickly turn into a lifelong habit.

Keep distractions away

TV and other interruptions at home can easily derail your child’s fun art time. Block all apps or websites or programs that tend to compete for her attention. Restrict screen time. In the case of young children, World Health Organisation guidance says those aged 3-4 should only spend a maximum of an hour at a stretch in front of a screen.

Re-discover fun time with Abrakadoodle Online Art classes

Online art classes does not mean that your child is all alone and on her own. Far from it. An online course is built on the concept of collaboration, with teachers, instructors and fellow students. Everyone is involved and engaged and building relationships by helping each other.

Abrakadoodle online art class programs focus on enjoyment and on the learning that happens during the actual process of creating a piece of art.  These are real-time experiences, just like the ones that happens at school. Where children learn to think, learn and create something cool on the fly!