Quick & Easy Fun Art Activities for Kids


fun art activities for kids

Art in all its forms has scientifically been proven to be of great importance for a child’s development. Art activities like painting, drawing, making crafts and even something as simple as scribbling can help foster creativity and brain development among young children.

When it comes to art, there is no right or wrong. Several forms of art offer a complete sensory experience-including the use of sight, sound, taste, touch, and feel. When kids start indulging in art and craft activities since early childhood, they develop many physical as well as psychological and social skills. Art activities for kids enhance their gross and fine motor skills, encourage neural connections, develop problem-solving skills, and helps them improve their learning ability.

Thus, the earlier you introduce your child to the world of art, the better it is for them. In this blog, we have put together some fun activities for kids that can be done both at home and at school.

Art Ideas for Infants – Activities for 6 to 12 months

It is during infancy that a child is introduced to several sensory stimuli for the first time. Since most of their motor skills are still developing, it is best to let them participate in art and craft activities that offer a fun sensory experience. Here are some painting ideas for kids aged around 6-12 months

Bring in the playdough

Rolling, creating, playing and experimenting with Play-Doh is one of the most favourite art activities among children. This activity helps improve your child’s hand-eye coordination, unleashes their imagination and creativity and also enhances their fine motor skills.

Bubble wrap painting

For this fun art activity, you will need a cardboard/canvas, a bubble wrap and a few non-toxic paints. Place the bubble wrap over the cardboard and tape it from the sides. Pour different colours of paint on a palette or plastic bowls and get a few brushes.

In this activity, kids can either use the brushes to paint over the bubbles or pop the bubble directly with their fingers, thus engaging their senses of sight, touch and sound, all at once.

Art and Craft Ideas for Kids – Activities for 1 -2-year-olds

Children at this age are in their ever-growing curious state of mind. They like to explore everything around them and have improved fine and gross motor skills. They also understand different colours and like to experiment with them. Here are some activities for kids in this age group.

Marble painting

A common favourite art activity for kids, marble painting is a fun way to create abstract art. For this kid’s activity, pick out some marbles, dip them in child-friendly paint and roll them on a sheet of cardboard or paper.
You could either let your child directly roll the marble or add the marbles and the paper to an open-ended box and shake it from side to side to get a rolled on effect. Dip the marbles again, try different colours and continue the same till you get your desired result.

Tree craft

At this age, as children learn to hold crayons and pencils, letting them draw freely enhances their grasp which can later help them at school. In this art activity for kids, on paper, help the child draw a tree trunk and supply them with a few cotton swabs and different colour paints. Dip the swab in the paint and draw flowers and leaves on the tree.
Art and Craft Ideas for Kids – Activities for 3-4-year-olds

Art, craft and painting activities for kids in the preschooling age differ from those of infants and toddlers, as children in this age are far more capable of performing complex forms of art. They have increased memory and attention span, better grip on their hands and enhanced cognitive skills, which allows them to expand their imagination and creativity.


For this fun art idea, you will need a plain t-shirt or a pillowcase, 3-4 colourful non-toxic dyes, plastic gloves and lots of rubber bands. Spread a plastic sheet on the ground, take the shirt or the pillowcase and grab the centre of it. Holding the centre in its place, twist the fabric outwards into a spiral and tie it up with 3 rubber bands.

This makes around 6 sections. Pour different coloured dyes into these sections and let the twisted fabric remain intact for 6-7 hours. After it dries, wash the fabric and dry it. Voila! Your customized tie-dye craft is ready for use.

Pet rocks

This art activity for kids is great for hand-eye coordination, fine motor abilities, decision making and problem-solving skills. Collect a few pebbles, get some paints and a few pairs of googly eyes. Let the child paint their own rock with any colour they wish to.

Once painted and dried, paste the googly eyes stickers on the centre. You can even encourage them to name these rocks to give them a real personality.

Try these favourite art activities for kids at home and watch your child indulge in a world full of creativity.
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