Best Kid-Friendly Art Events


kid friendly art events

Imagination in the mind of a child knows no boundaries. At this age of critical brain development, children are naturally curious and wish to explore everything around them. Art, in any form, whether it is painting or drawing or craft-making, has many benefits for kids as it fosters the holistic development of their cognitive, social, physical, and emotional skills.

From boosting self-confidence to enhancing creativity, engaging in art activities is highly beneficial for kids belonging to all age groups. It hones their fine and gross motor skills, encourages neural connections, helps develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, acts as a precursor to writing and has a calming effect on the fast-growing individual.

Art camps, like the name rightly suggests are places where children come together to experience and learn various art forms like painting, drawing, and other creative activities for kids. They interact with peers their age and indulge in the process of sharing, playing, learning and performing creative art activities. All of this, while having lots of fun.

At Abrakadoodle, we employ child-centric strategies that help children thrive as they engage in fun, meaningful, age-appropriate, and easy painting, drawing, theme-based and other unique art activities for kids. Our art camps are specially designed to meet the growing needs of a child, allowing them to learn while having lots of fun. We lay prime focus on the method of “Process Art”, through which the actual process of making artwork is given more importance than the final product.

We organize several theme-based fun art events for kids that are tailor-made by our expert trainers. Here are some of our most popular art camps.

AmYousement Park Art Camp- YOU Dream. YOU Create!

Unleash your imagination and dive into a world of creative art techniques as you create your very own amusement park. A big bright ferris wheel, long roller coasters, and all things fun and joy.

Join this adventure-filled art event, explore different art activities, play with kids your age and create a theme park- that is all about YOU.

Artosaurus STEAM Camp

Give your child a chance to explore the fascinating world of dinosaurs and other reptiles with our specially designed Artosaurus Art Camp. Using a fun approach to STEAM learning, this art event helps kids learn about prehistoric animals, make dinosaur eggs, create fossils and have a lot of FUN!
This exciting art camp merges art with science, using a variety of art techniques, interesting games, music, and kid-friendly art activities.

Kids on Canvas

In this brilliantly designed art camp, children take part in creative, painting activities, using a wide variety of colors, brushes and more art tools. Empowering children to be expressive and confident, art camps like such give children the freedom to explore and express their creativity in many different ways.

Enroll in our exciting, age-appropriate art events for children and choose from a range of 3-5 day camps, that are meticulously designed to enhance core development skills in young children.


What is an art camp?
An art camp or an art event is a specially designed program for children where they explore and learn about different art forms and techniques. They participate in creative art activities like painting, drawing, craft-making and more with other children their age, making learning fun.

What are the reasons to choose an art camp?
Art camps for kids help them develop their imagination and creativity, enhance their social communication skills, fine and gross motor abilities and boost their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Why you should send your kids to an art camp?
Sending your children to an art camp gives them an opportunity to explore different forms of painting, drawing, and other creative art activities, that are made especially for kids. Art camps help kids of different ages come together, play, learn and engage in exciting and fun activities and games that develop their cognitive, social, emotional, and other key developmental skills.