Nothing Beats An Art Themed Party Idea


Art themed party ideas for kids

Who wouldn’t want to host a birthday party that sets a trend and be remembered for a long time. Inspiring your friends to do the same on their own child’s birthday. Combining creativity with an art vibe and inviting relatives and friends for an extra special treat they all deserve. 

While all parents are thrilled and happy about the first birthday of their child, celebrating the event is kept low key by design. Only a sibling or two, an aunt and uncle at the most get invited. The party is nothing more than just party hats, balloons, blinking LED lights, selfies and a delicious chocolate cake baked by an aunt or friend. 

The reason for this extreme self-denial is quite simple. Parents are pressed for time and very busy with baby-care chores.The little one is the focus and takes centre-stage. Everything else takes second place. And rightly so. 

But when the baby turns 2, the ante is upped automatically. Not only has the baby become more socially active, she has developed her own unique set of strong likes and dislikes and has also acquired a few friends. And loves to celebrate! 

Art-themed party ideas are based on our very popular baby art classes – lots of colourful, creative, and not so messy fun for everyone to enjoy with singing and dancing! Playing with crayons will give the party a great start. In fact, it is one toy every toddler agrees on. There are plenty of colour choices for everyone, and is sure to get their creative juices flowing.

Whether children are colouring, finger painting or drawing with crayons, an art themed birthday party idea will be an unforgettable way for 2-year olds to spend exciting hours of fun and play. Include face painting activity as well. It is always the one that takes the cake. And none of these party ideas are expensive to execute either!

So Before you send out invitations to celebrate your toddler’s big birthday bash, keep these helpful 2-year old birthday party tips first, and then give us a call to follow up with you.

Pick a party theme

Always choose an art-themed party idea your child loves. It could be a character from her favourite story book. Or choose her favourite hero or even her own teddy bear. Pick a theme that has captured your child’s imagination and stick with it! Carry the central idea throughout the party – from the invitations to the cake.

And before you dive deeper into planning, get an approval from the guest of honour first. All 2-year olds have their favourite thing. Leverage this.

Prepare what only “2-year olds” like

You as a parent are already well-versed with what 2-year olds really relish — they love to snack. Hence, make sure the birthday spread has a variety of hygienic and nutritious eats available for munching. Keep the food simple and healthy.

For instance, cutting up fresh fruit into small bites, yogurt cups of different flavours, and finger foods like chicken nuggets or a variety of tiny butter and jam sandwiches, all work well with tiny guests. Serving these out on paper plates makes it easy for you. Eliminating the tiresome cleaning up chore after the party is over.

Prepare a lavish spread, and do not limit the quantity. Nothing will ever go to waste. You can always plan on handing over small paper bags stuffed with birthday treats for your guests to take home!

One other thing to bear in mind. Find out beforehand, if any of your tiny guests have food allergies, so you can have options available for them as well. This is not only a courtesy, but a gesture which will be appreciated by all parents.

Timing is everything

Small children nap quite a bit, even if they are all 2-year olds. Be mindful of the time scheduled for the party. When it is set too close to naptime, you will have a moody bunch of sleepy children on hand. Ideally, post mid-day will be just about the right time.

For an optimal experience for everyone, keep the party short. This is not being rude. Toddler guests’ attention spans are limited and quite short.  Any party more than 3 hours is bound to upset most, if not all of them. Make sure there is ample time for free play, exciting art activities, cake cutting and singing.

Keep the party interactive

Reactions of 2-year olds when they see cousins, classmates and other people is more or less the same as it is for adults. They all love it. Besides, don’t expect small children to entertain themselves, or remain still for long. Relying on interactive entertainment will be your best bet.

Anything that adds an element of fun, comes across as something unique and keeps them actively involved is sure to be a big hit. You could try blowing soap bubbles, balloon play, finger painting, or interacting with costumed characters to set the tone for a joyful and enjoyable event.

Allowing toddlers to play together is a great idea, but make sure there is one of each play item per child, so territorial crises are not triggered. All interactive games need to be handled by 2 adults. One to run the game, while the other keeps an eye on hyperactive children. Take turns so that everyone is enjoying and there is laughter all around.

Why art-themed birthday party ideas?

These ideas put your child and her friends on a path to help them move away from being the same as other children. Remember, all children are naturally creative and need the right stimulus to bring their abilities to life. Facilitating exciting art experiences at every opportunity you get is the right thing to do – this includes a birthday party too! 

You will be guiding their creativity and helping them break free. By seeing every child as a unique being with their own interests, learning styles and personality, you will assist all children bond better with others of the same age, and lay a foundation for building lifelong relationships.

About Abrakadoodle

Abrakadoodle has a range of fabulous creative art birthday party ideas to set you free and devote your time to celebrating and experiencing a joyful event as much as your child does. Make an unforgettable birthday party happen, every time!

Abrakadoodle art party ideas are available for small or very large groups. Designed to engage children throughout the party time. You can also choose your own bespoke birthday ideas or select from Abrakadoodle’s tested and proven ideas.

Either way we will be happy to put together a special, hybrid birthday package that will be a delightful success. Here’s wishing you a very Happy Birthday partying experience!