Fun Art Workshops That Nurture Young Children


Importance of art classes for kids

Children are naturally creative but when this ability is not nurtured it is lost by the time they grow into adults. As stated by Picasso, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up.”

The best way to retain creativity in children is by enrolling them in fun art workshops that sustain a lifelong love for seeing things in different ways and expressing their thoughts through paintings.

There are many Children’s Art Classes being conducted in Singapore, to meet the requirement for children of all ages. They are designed to offer much more than an outlet for imagination and play, they stimulate the body, mind and spirit to prepare your child for success in life.

Many young children really struggle to strengthen the tiny muscles required to hold and use objects correctly. One of the primary benefits of making toddlers join drawing and art classes is the almost immediate improvement you will see in the development of their fine and gross motor skills.

Art Classes for children focus on teaching them how to grip and manipulate a paintbrush correctly, hold pencils or markers firmly and improve their eye-hand coordination. Older children benefit by learning proper painting and drawing techniques and participating in more physically-demanding forms of art such as sculpture, helping them build and strengthen the larger muscles when learning to create and sculpt.

Getting used to make decisions

Like adults, when young children are involved in visual art, writing, or other activities, they too go through a creative process. They become aware of a stream-of-consciousness that keeps flowing at the beginning of a project.

To create something, they have to go back and forth to figure out and arrive at the right strategic decision. Revising ideas until they instinctively feel comfortable with the finished product they create.

As their personalities develop, the ideas start to become more complicated and the process of making decisions become more refined. By applying what they learned as young children, they can easily match and make sense of the ideas forming in their minds. Fully understanding the consequences of their decisions, and how the decisions they make affect the creative process.

Remember, art is basically an innovation and problem-solving process at work. Through art education, children are taught to be more strategic in their decision making, which they can eventually carry over to their adult lives.

Increasing self-awareness & respect for others

Through art workshops and by participating in art classes, children get to learn and become familiar with the creative process. They come to know about different artists and the variety of methods these artists used to create their art. Learn new artistic styles and techniques.

Workshops and Art classes help children experience and understand what gaining different perspectives means. Come to experience what other artists are thinking when they create their artworks. This is how they too can begin to appreciate and value the different modes of thinking, expressing, forming opinions and learning to see and value the beauty of the world around them and how others understand and interpret it.

Art nurtures open-mindedness and respect diversity in thought and culture, helping your child to thrive in a diverse and culturally-rich world. 

Learning to focus and persevere

Creating art is a sublime and intricate process. And as your child gets older, her creative visions will turn more complex. She will be able to unravel these thoughts and sort them out by herself by devoting more time, attention and by discovering new techniques to express and fulfil her artistic quest.

There be times when your child will feel frustrated and may want to give up. This is when Art classes come in handy to help fine-tune and manage her expectations in a mature manner. She will learn that the creative process develops over time, and that honing her artistic skills and techniques require practice. It is through constant experimentation that your child will learn to see her ideas through to the end. An important lesson she will learn and which will stay fresh with her for the rest of her life.  

Viewing life in a positive way

Perhaps more than anything else, art helps children express their emotions in meaningful ways. By engaging in art activities, children learn to monitor and regulate their emotions, gain more effective control over anger and frustrations, instead of giving in to negative thoughts and feelings.

Hands-on and playful art workshops and classes are designed to nurture a child’s imagination and inspire learning. Help them to enjoy and unleash their creativity and express their thoughts and feeling in unique ways.

This ensures children gain a real sense of confidence instead of helplessly becoming a victim of their own emotions. Turning whatever they are feeling into a unique visual expression that is of great beauty and originality.

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