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benefits of process art for preschoolers

“Life is a journey, and not a destination”. We have all heard this famous quote many times. What it intends to convey is that if we are too focused on the destination, we often ignore, or simply do not fully enjoy, the journey that takes us there. 

We believe that this statement is as true about art as it is about life. The “Process Art” approach places a stronger focus on enjoying & learning from the actual process that goes into creating a piece of art rather than the finished product itself. Emphasis is placed on every step of the process that leads up to the final work of art – the gathering, sorting, collating, associating, patterning, and the initiation of actions and proceedings.

Process Art is all about the experience you have while creating. If the end product turns out great, that’s an added bonus, but the end product isn’t the focus of the Process Art method.

To put things into perspective, before you undertake an art project, look at the following questions. If you answer “Yes” to either of these questions, then it is not a process art activity.

“Will I be unhappy if the end product doesn’t look a certain way?”

“Do I have a predetermined idea about what I want the end result to look like?”

Why Process Art for Infants and Toddlers is a great idea:

  • Allows them to think creatively & independently
  • They learn about the limitations and possibilities of different materials & mediums
  • They are encouraged to use creative and critical thinking
  • The process gives them confidence, when they see their own ideas taking shape
  • They are motivated to ask questions and try new things
  • They embrace experimentation and mistakes as just a part of the learning process

Process Art moulds the fundamental attitude that children form towards approaching any situation in life. The skills and the way of thinking that they develop as a result of the process go beyond just creating art – this mindset helps them in their academic pursuits, their social interactions, their self-confidence, and their enthusiasm and passion for life itself!

Benefits of Process Art for Preschoolers

Children learn best through open-ended activities, because this allows them to freely explore the world around them, be curious, and see how things work for themselves. Process Art fits perfectly into this narrative because it allows children to be themselves, make their own decisions at every step, and just have fun while they learn & create!

This open and free approach to learning stays with children well beyond their adolescence. When children who have been exposed to process art start attending preschool, the mindset that they have developed will help them gain a quicker and better understanding of the concepts of subjects like Math, Science, History, and Language. They also tend to excel in sports and physical activities thanks to their fine tuned sense of coordination and fine & gross motor abilities. They are more at ease when interacting with their peers, educators, and caretakers because of a heightened sense of reasoning and empathy.

Process Art for adults

Though Process Art tends to be normally associated with young children, it is also a great way for adults to explore their creativity and bond with each other. Getting involved in the process also helps parents and educators connect better with the children under their care. While it is true that a child’s mind is more malleable and open to absorb new information, it is never too late to experiment, explore and learn new things.

Since process art projects don’t require a lot of advanced planning or specific materials, they can be fun & spontaneous. And because the goal of process art is to enjoy the journey of creation, rather than focus on achieving perfection, all participants, irrespective of their age, are also emotionally free to explore their individual creativity.

Process Art is the very foundation on which all of the programs at Abrakadoodle are built. Explore our several age-appropriate programs, events and activities, and dive into the fun & exciting world of Process Art!