The Art Of Presentation – A Great Way To Boost Self-Confidence In Children


great way to boost self-confidence in children

“I made this!”. The sense of achievement and pride that we feel when we make something with our own hands is unparalleled. This feeling is even more amplified in young children because they are in their exploration age, where everything is new and fascinating. 

At Abrakadoodle, we follow the practice of Process Art, where the focus is more on the actual process of creating art rather than the actual final result. The Process Art method has several benefits for children, as it allows them to think more independently, encourages them to push the boundaries of creativity, motivates them to ask questions, and helps them embrace mistakes as part of the learning process.

At the end of every session, we have what we call “Gallery Time”. This is when the children get to present their artwork to the class and explain what they’ve created, how they went about it, and what they loved about the process. This simple activity of presenting their art to the class has several psychological benefits. Let’s take a look at what these benefits are.

Develops leadership skills

Many prominent figures throughout history who are renowned for their leadership qualities and public speaking skills were not naturally gifted with that ability, but rather picked it up through training and practice. Standing in front of their peers and speaking about their accomplishments, helps to boost self confidence in children, and allows them to take a commanding role in the classroom and beyond. With practice, they develop the ability to speak with passion and conviction, master nonverbal modes of communication like eye contact and poise, and develop other skills related to speech and leadership.

Helps improve their listening skills

This activity helps children become better listeners as well. This is because they are exposed to different opinions throughout the process, which makes them pay closer attention to whatever is being discussed. They also learn to relate to people with different opinions, which helps them gain knowledge and perspective. This enables them to build positive social relationships throughout their life.

Empowers children to overcome their fears

Participation in complex activities like public speaking and presentation, which involve several aspects of mental and spatial exercises, does wonders in boosting self confidence in children. They learn how to interact with others in a productive and interesting manner. When the activity of presentation is linked to their own artwork, this makes it an undertaking that is perceived as fun, and not something that causes them stress.

Improves their academic performance

The skills that children acquire through presentation exercises enhance several different areas of their life. Presentation skills are vital at every level of formal education, from school to college and all the way through university. A child who is confident and has a strong public presence, has a greater chance at excelling in academic performances.

This is why, during Gallery Time at Abrakadoodle, we place equal emphasis on the process of art creation, as well as the art of presentation. Helping children develop into confident, curious, and capable individuals is what every program at Abrakadoodle is all about.

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