How Art Can Calm Your Children


creative activities for kids

Do you feel that your children seemed more anxious and stressed? It could be for lots of reasons – current world situation, adjusting to school, pressure to maintain grades or to keep up with friends and more.

Keep them calm and stress free by encouraging them to dabble in art. Art has been proven to reduce stress levels and reduce anxiety. 

  • It’s a great distraction for your kids to focus on something positive, productive and inspiring.
  • When your kids are in the zone of creating art, they achieve a state of flow – the sense of being completely engaged in an activity, to the point of being in a near meditative state. When they are in a state of flow, they forget about all their issues and lose track of time.
  • It helps your kids calm their minds and it allows them to feel more balanced and relaxed.

There are endless ways to encourage creativity in your child’s routine. You can try the following:

    1. Sign them up for age-appropriate artclass.
    2. Send them to an art camp.
    3. Invite your children to cook or bake with you. 
    4. Encourage them to take music or dance lessons.
    5. Go and watch creative performances such as concerts, theater, ballet, and art festivals.
    6. Have an art-focused birthday party.
    7. Use art to teach science, math, reading, and other subjects.
    8. Do lots of creative activities and projects together. 
    9. Have some art supplies in the house and let them create whatever they want.

Let your kids have a creative outlet. It would be good for them to have one, to gain a sense of calm and balance in their lives. Just remember not to force them and to find something that they’d truly and genuinely enjoy.