Painting & Art Classes For Kids In Singapore


painting art classes for kids

Whether through painting or crafting, colouring or drawing, there are several ways in which a child can explore their creative side. Art classes for kids not only help in enhancing a child’s creativity, but also nourish & enrich their minds.

Art for kids is a combination of exploration and skill development – making art for the sake of art, without focusing on the final product can be a therapeutic exercise. Apart from that art for kids in the form of art classes and painting classes is also one of the best ways to channel your kid’s excess energy and teach them to use it in a creative stream.

Whether it is to stimulate your kid’s creativity or to give him or her a nurturing and therapeutic experience, art classes for your kids serve the purpose splendidly. However, those are not the only things that art classes and painting classes do, they also help kids with their motor skills, spatial awareness, decision making, confidence building, language development and other crucial developmental skills.

At Abrakadoodle, our ‘Process Art’ method helps your kid in all those aspects and more, for their overall development. It focuses on the process of art rather than the final product. Easy drawing for kids, in order to express themselves, helps in several self-development related aspects.

It is also meant to help kids explore their talents, and opens their mind to endless creative possibilities. Such an open-ended approach to creativity, where there is easy drawing for kids, where meaning is not assigned to their expression of self through art, helps create a foundational attitude in children which helps them to approach varied situations in life with their best foot forward.

This perspective helps them not only in their academic endeavours but also in their social abilities to interact and communicate effectively, further adding to their self-confidence and enthusiasm for healthy passions in life.

Here at Abrakadoodle, we help kids from the age of 20 months to 12 years, with proven techniques and classes, designed specifically for every age group.