Birthday art party with a twist!


Birthday Art Party

Birthday parties are hectic times for parents. But everyone looks forward to turning their child’s party into a big success. All it requires is a bit of planning and a little help from us to make it an unforgettable event.

If you’re looking for the perfect birthday party packages, we have a few exciting ones that come with tips and tricks on how to keep children engaged, focused and happy. Enjoy a birthday party extravaganza unlike anything they have experienced before!

You will not only make your child’s birthday different but also add an exciting twist to it. Combining the celebrations with art will help spark creativity in little minds.  Really help take the enjoyment of children to the next level.

From this birthday onwards, start your child on an extraordinary journey of learning through play. It is not just drawing skills and exploring any artistic ability. We’re talking about your child and his friends experiencing the creative process that paints the real picture.

Art activities help with everything from stimulating the senses and building self-esteem to problem solving and enhancing social skills. Hosting your child’s art birthday party is only the beginning. Later on you can introduce your child to endless ways of expressing himself or herself. Playing with different art materials and art techniques. Taking opportunities to explore and refine artistic skills and encouraging an appreciation of art and aesthetics.

Exploration of the visual arts will become an integral part of your child’s learning experiences. Essential for nurturing an all-round development.

Deeper learning through art

What better time is there than a birthday party to introduce children to the right type of art activities. Open-ended process art is the key. It will make all the difference when it comes to the quality and depth of learning.

Process art has no plan, no sample to copy. When children see that there is something to follow, their thinking automatically stops. They begin to copy rather than think. they are no longer spontaneous.

Open-ended expression, on the other hand, teaches children to think and trust their own imaginations, their own ideas and inspires them to solve problems.

Art helps develop soft skills

By sharing materials and collaborating on your child’s birthday creative project, children learn to take turns, negotiate and work as a team. enhance their social skills.

Art also teaches children to think for themselves. Explore their sense of touch, smell and sight, decision making and problem solving. In other words, they develop and improve their cognitive skills by doing fun things.

Art is like a language which can be learned even before children develop written and verbal communication skills. Art helps children to tell stories as well as express what they are thinking and feeling. It is through art that self-expression will find a new meaning.

The small movements of the fingers, hands and wrists associated with holding a crayon or paintbrush, drawing, painting or manipulating clay develops fine motor skills in children. While the large arm movements required for painting at an easel develop large muscle groups.

The best thing to happen is when children are encouraged to experiment and take risks by trying new things during the creative process they develop a sense of innovation and confidence – very valuable skills that come in handy when in school and in  life.

Book an Abrakadoodle birthday art party

While we do all the running around, you can sit back and enjoy your child’s birthday party that is inspiring, exciting and so compelling that even you will want to participate in learning to paint or display your expertise.

  • An edu-training ARTrageous art teacher
  • Age-appropriate art activities and art lessons
  • A framed piece of each child’s original art – the best party outcome ever
  • We bring all the materials and lots of zany fun ideas
  • Host your child’s Birthday art party at abrakadoodle studio or arrange for our Mobile Art Party to come to you and stage the works!
  • Limit to 5 pax only – including birthday child