Abrakadoodle Art Classes Get Preschoolers Kindergarten Ready


art class for preschoolers

The giggles of children making art with paint-covered little hands as they experiment with layering and texture are enchanting. Step into an Abrakadoodle Mini Doodler art class for preschoolers, and you’ll witness loads of fun and learning in action. Starting at age three, young children enter a fun, safe and encouraging environment with a teacher that starts an important process enabling them to equate learning with fun! These kids are building some of the most important readiness skills they’ll need to enter kindergarten.

“I used a lot of blue in my picture of a big blue dog! His nose looks like a circle!” This would be a very familiar language that a teacher would hear in our Mini Doodler classes as children learn their colours and shapes. It is a safe and happy learning zone, where children develop language skills and are encouraged to talk about their work. Reading readiness skills are sharpened as children draw pictures that tell a story and express their ideas. By design, Abrakadoodle students also develop self-confidence. 

Mini Doodlers learn to listen while they follow guided instruction, all while being encouraged to make their own choices and create their own original works of art! They strengthen fine motor skills while cutting with scissors, pasting, drawing with markers and crayons, working with modelling compounds and more.

Our Mini Doodlers develop important social skills while they learn to share art materials and interact with their peers in positive ways. Young children learn both appreciation and tolerance, as they share with one another their unique works of art and how they created them. All of these skills are enhanced through the repetition of ongoing learning experiences with Abrakadoodle’s Mini Doodlers art classes and art camps, helping kids to gain confidence when it’s their time to enter kindergarten. It is also where next time the dog in a Mini Doodler class might be purple because that Mini Doodler likes purple and learned to mix blue and red to make purple!

Author: Rosemarie Hartnett (Rosemarie Hartnett)
Rosemarie Hartnett is Co-Founder and President of Abrakadoodle, overseeing Abrakadoodle’s operations, franchisee support, sales, growth initiatives and training services worldwide.