WILDest Dreams Art Camp

$350 / 3 Days Camps

Art Camp Description

Where imagination runs WILD! 

Childhood is filled with so many simple joys, the best of which is the freedom to dream big and explore a world of endless possibilities!

What better way to unleash that wild spirit inside every child than by taking them on a fascinating trip into the WILD!

Learning about nature through the medium of art will ignite the imagination and curiosity in your child, and gives them the encouragement to follow their own wildest dreams with confidence and courage!

What Your Child Can Look Forward To

  • Use a range of recycled materials to create your own binoculars
  • Learn amazing facts about animals and the wild
  • Socialize & interact with other children their age
  • Experiment with finger painting art, magnets, painting, collage-making & more!

Camp Dates

9:30AM to 12:30PM
2-4 Aug (3 slots left!)
16-18 Aug
6-8 Aug


Sign Up and Payment

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3 Hours Per Day
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3 Days | 4 Days | 5 Days
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Jurong | River Valley
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