Charissa Bucharan (mum), Michael (9), Chiara (6) & Luca (6)

Abrakadoodle Camps

Luca always says “Are we going to Splat today?” when he really means Abrakadoodle because to him Splat is synonymous to Abrakadoodle

They all loved the 5 day Kids On Canvas camp at Abrakadoodle with teacher Charlene. She and Fay were always so wonderfully patient with them even though they were so excited and full of energy when they arrived for camp. On Wed (3rd day of camp), Michael and Chiara said they were so glad I had signed them up for 5 days instead of just 3 days! Even after 5 days, they still didn’t have enough of Abrakadoodle because Chiara asked if she could do another camp next week! Michael said he wished he could do art at Abrakadoodle everyday like school (which is what he’d also said after the 3 day camp he and Chiara last time!).

We are all going to miss Abrakadoodle’s friendly staff and great art program for kids when we move to Shanghai. But we now have lots of lovely original works of art to decorate our home in Shanghai with and Splat to remind us of the great time the kids had at Abrakadoodle Singapore

The best testimony of what the kids have learnt at Abrakadoodle, especially for Chiara who also did the regular weekly classes, is that she was able to independently identify the artists just by looking at their various styles of art at the Dallas Museum of Modern Art and Nasher Sculpture Square when we were in Dallas on holiday just recently. And when she draws, she’ll say “Mummy, this is a Mondrian giraffe” because she’s drawn it with geometrical shapes, or she’ll say “Look at the Modigliani ballerina I’ve drawn” because it’s got an elongated face! And Chiara’s only 6 years old!! We’re just amazed by what she’s remembered from all your lessons

So a HUGE thank you from all our family to Charmaine, Fay and your inspired team at Abrakadoodle!