Kids On Canvas Art Camp


A fabulous camp to learn all about painting! Using a variety of brushes and learning different brush strokes to mixing and layering colours, our kids create wonderful masterpieces on canvas!

Kids on Canvas Camp inspire kids to reach beyond and create art that is unique to them. By doing so, kids feel empowered to be creative and expressive. It’s amazing to see just what kids design when given the freedom to explore and to express themselves creatively! Imaginations soar!

Available dates:

• 10-12 May
• 24-26 May
• 7-9 June
• 21-23 June
• 5-7 July
• 19-21 July

Each Art Camp Includes:

  • Art lessons
  • Games
  • Stories
  • Music
  • Activities
  • And tons of smiles, laughs and FUN!

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Start Time

12:00 am

10 May 2021

Finish Time

12:00 am

21 July 2021

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