Art is the Heart of Creativity


art class for kids in singapore

Have you ever seen the gleeful expression on a child who has created a piece of art that did not exist in the world before? It’s pure magic. A blank sketchpad represents a playground for a child’s imagination. Equipped with a pencil, crayons, markers, paint, paper, brushes, scissors and model magic, children can draw, paint or sculpt from their own ideas, experiences and feelings to express themselves.

Whether your child is a natural or reluctant doodler, you can encourage the development of important creativity skills by providing your child with art experiences that embrace a Process Art philosophy.

Process Art, favored by Abrakadoodle in its art classes and camps, is an artistic movement and a creative sentiment where the focus is on the creative journey rather than the end product. So much learning can occur while kids are busy making art. Experimenting with color may produce an amazing result or something far afield from a young artist’s vision. Working with different art materials can produce exciting outcomes. Sometimes “mistakes” provide the best ‘ah ha’ moments of learning by doing.

Equipped with the ability and confidence to create and problem-solve through art, children can extend this ability into other facets of their lives and academic challenges. It begins with fostering curiosity – what happens when I mix these colors? How can I transform lines and shapes into the picture I imagine? How will I use my newly developed skills in fabric art, collage, and sculpting to create something wonderful and new?

By encouraging your children to make art and to participate in creativity-boosting art programs, you are helping to pave your child’s path as an innovator. So, have a heart and encourage art!