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Art Class Camp Party For Children

Art Classes, Art Camps and Art Parties

"Abrakadoodle provides a great choice for savvy parents looking for high quality art classes that can help children develop essential right brain competencies and a true sense of creativity."

- Dan Pink, Best Selling Author of "A Whole New Mind" a long-running New York Times and BusinessWeek bestseller that has been translated into 18 languages.

The Abrakadoodle art education program is one of the most popular creativity programs in the world. Abrakadoodle provides innovative art classes, art camps and art parties to hundreds of thousands of children, ages 20 months to 12 years old, across United States at schools, community clubs and other convenient locations since 2003. In Abrakadoodle art classes and programs, children:

  • Enhance their Creativity,
  • Build Self-Confidence and Expression,
  • Develop New skills,
  • Learn to Appreciate Artists and Artist styles,
  • Demonstrate Art techniques,
  • Explore Creative Art materials, and
  • Design Original Artwork!

The imaginative Abrakadoodle art education curriculum was developed by artists and educators and exceeds US National Standards for Visual Arts Education. Each art class offers a unique educational experience. And each child's art is as original as he or she is! Singapore has the privilege to be the first international site to benefit from this popular program.

Be A Trendsetter! Take a step to inspire your children's creativity and develop their essential right brain competencies today!

Email us at enquiry@abrakadoodle.com.sg to find out more.



Abrakadoodle's value in art for children



boy with jungleart painting

5 Reasons to Abrakadoodle!

  • It's fun! Children love Abrakadoodle art classes and programs because they engage their minds, inspire their creativity and develop new skills.

  • It develops skills! Abrakadoodle helps develop creative and academic skills that are related to school success. Researchers and prominent thinkers are telling us that children who participate in quality art classes and programs are more successful in school and in life.

  • It encourages craftsmanship! Children learn how to engage in the creative art process and focus on quality task performance whether learning about techniques of the master artists or developing a personal artistic style.

  • It builds self-confidence and expression! Abrakadoodle art classes afford children the ability to convey their ideas, perceptions and feelings creatively, giving children enormous satisfaction while building self-confidence.

  • It’s always new! Each Abrakadoodle art class introduces new ideas while exploring a variety of materials and creative techniques such as painting, foil embossing, sculpture, mosaics and more!




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