Art activities for infants
Early childhood development

Importance Of Creative Art For Infants

What do you do when your new baby is not sleeping, nursing, crying, getting a diaper change or having a bath? Most new parents will find themselves stumped for ideas that allow them to engage actively with their babies, and

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Art and Crafts workshops
Art Education

Benefits of Art and Craft Workshops in Child Development

Art and craft workshops for young children play an important role in their early education and deliver tremendous long-term value by ensuring higher levels of emotional, physical, cognitive, social, cultural and creative maturity, opening doors to opportunities that would have

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Importance of STEAM Education
Early childhood development

Inspiring Your Child Through STEAM Education

It is every parent’s desire to give their child a head start in life. Especially when it comes to meeting their child’s educational and cognitive development needs. Switching to STEAM education will be a great start to a truly rewarding

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How can drawing help a child's development
Early childhood development

Ways To Boost Your Child’s Drawing Skills

Drawing Skills help communication. As a matter of fact, drawing with supporting text is a better way to explore and expand upon your ideas and express those ideas to others. When it comes to toddlers and young children, learning to

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Why is art so important for preschoolers
Kids Art Activities

Aims & Objectives Of Art Activities For Preschoolers

Art is a natural way of learning about the world. It is among the most effective approach for toddlers to learn to communicate and think for themselves. Art activities for preschoolers also provide very young children with the opportunity to

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