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Parent Survey Comments

We routinely survey thousands of our parents and ask them to rank our program and provide feedback. We have consistently received high rankings. In our most recent survey, 97% of our parents said that they were “Happy”, “Very Happy” or “Wowed” by our program. While we like to recieve positive comments, we never take our programs for granted and continue to strive to improve and better meet the needs of our parents and students.

We love Abrakadoodle Classes!

We just wanted to let you know the girls love Abrakadoodle classes! When they were in Ireland, the girls are very reserved. After attending the classes, they are now confident and speaking up at gallery time! Please share with your teachers that they are doing a great job!

– Susan (Mum), Daughters Rowan (3) & Alice (5)

Both of my children Joshua and Kiki really enjoy their art classes on Fridays. It’s great that they are learning to use different media to make art and have a chance to talk about their art pieces. Thank you!

– Simone Scott (mum), Joshua (6), Kianna (4)

My 2 kids, Elizabeth (5) & Emmanuel (4) simply love their class and looks forward to it every sat. i like e gallery time where e kids are trained to present n they communicate their ideas

– Lydia Wu (mum)

We love Abrakadoodle so much, we’ve shared that love with our friends on our blog!

– Veraday Ong, Mummy of Noah Ong, 4 years

Mindy has just started attending abrakadoodle lessons in since June this year. The teachers and the content of the lessons inspire her so positively that her interest in arts has grown so much and so rapidly. I am amazed at her keenest in using the different techniques taught to express her ideas through arts. I am so glad that she can experience and immerse in the joy of arts. Please accept my greatest appreciation for cultivating creativity in the children. Thanks.Kind regards,

– Christy (mum), Mindy (daughter), Age 3

My daughter, Mira loves Abrakadoodle more than the other classes she goes to. She thoroughly enjoys the classes and always relates the things she does in class. With the teacher’s guidance she has become exploratory in the materials she uses and shows creativity in her doodles at home. She says “Abrakadoodle is my favourite!” My daughter’s name: Mira Balagopal, Age: 4. She is in the mini doodlers on saturday afternoon.

– Bhawani Balakrishnan (mum)

My boy Aurous (3) love his art class! He asked me everyday “Art Class today?” sad to say i can only reply a ‘yes’ on saturday and ‘no’s for the rest of the week.

Cherlene Tan

My children aged 5 and 3 go to Abrakadoodle since only a few months now .. and they just love it. The teachers are patient and great.. Not only do teh kids learn different art forms, they also get a great sense of ownership achievement and confidence! Can’t wait for the next Class!- Srividya Kannan (mum)

We r looking forward to the class!!

– Vanessa de Jager

My two boys, Maximus and Raymus attend the Sunday 12 noon class. This is the only class that we can get the boys to dress and get out of the house in 5 minutes. They always talk about how much they enjoy their classes. And over time, our little Raymus became more confident and he can now stand infront of the class and express himself at gallery time – a milestone achieved. Thank you

– Julie Yeong (mum),Maximus (6) and Raymus (5)

I’ve taken my mini me to many classes before, but Abrakadoodle is the only one that managed to capture her interest. Each lesson is unique and she learns about different artists and different art form and techniques. During gallery time, she always wants to be the first to talk about her artwork. Now, I’m running out of space at home to display all her artwork. 🙂

– Run Run Teng (mum)

Saturday… mommy what time is it? its only 9am bailey… mommy what time is it? its 11am bailey…. mommy what time is my art class???? its at 1pm bailey :)))

– Frankie Alcala Britt

Thank you very much. This class brings my son so much joy and has completely decorated his bedroom and playroom.

– Lori Weber

My daughter Rachel participated in Twoosy Doodlers this summer…. I wanted to let you know that Rachel could not wait to get to class each week and produced some amazing art projects. We are so excited by your program and want to thank you for bringing it to our area.

– Karyn Fine

My kids love Abrakadoodle and for that I thank you and your staff.

– Brenda Donovan

Thanks so much. We really enjoyed her art projects.

– Traci Butler

“Christian absolutely loves his art classes. He talks quite a bit about them and looks forward to displaying his art on the art wall at home.”

– Judy Jensen

He really enjoys (Abrakadoodle) and I always looked forward to seeing his work…we will be back!!

– Stephanie Charters

We love Abrakadoodle Camps!

Luca always says “Are we going to Splat today?” when he really means Abrakadoodle because to him Splat is synonymous to Abrakadoodle 😀

They all loved the 5 day Kids On Canvas camp at Abrakadoodle with teacher Charlene. She and Fay were always so wonderfully patient with them even though they were so excited and full of energy when they arrived for camp. On Wed (3rd day of camp), Michael and Chiara said they were so glad I had signed them up for 5 days instead of just 3 days! Even after 5 days, they still didn’t have enough of Abrakadoodle because Chiara asked if she could do another camp next week! Michael said he wished he could do art at Abrakadoodle everyday like school (which is what he’d also said after the 3 day camp he and Chiara last time!).

We are all going to miss Abrakadoodle’s friendly staff and great art program for kids when we move to Shanghai. But we now have lots of lovely original works of art to decorate our home in Shanghai with and Splat to remind us of the great time the kids had at Abrakadoodle Singapore 😀

The best testimony of what the kids have learnt at Abrakadoodle, especially for Chiara who also did the regular weekly classes, is that she was able to independently identify the artists just by looking at their various styles of art at the Dallas Museum of Modern Art and Nasher Sculpture Square when we were in Dallas on holiday just recently. And when she draws, she’ll say “Mummy, this is a Mondrian giraffe” because she’s drawn it with geometrical shapes, or she’ll say “Look at the Modigliani ballerina I’ve drawn” because it’s got an elongated face! And Chiara’s only 6 years old!! We’re just amazed by what she’s remembered from all your lessons 😀

So a HUGE thank you from all our family to Charmaine, Fay and your inspired team at Abrakadoodle!

– Charissa Bucharan (mum), Michael (9), Chiara (6) & Luca (6)

Our daughter Dana started attending Abrakadoodle’s art lessons since she was 3. She also participated in two of their holiday camps which were tons of fun. Once, the teachers brought the little artists out next door to Botanic Gardens to do a very impressive painting! These authentic learning experiences make art come alive for the young ones and appeal to their healthy sense of curiosity and adventure. For this contest, we decided to ask our daughter what she loves about Abrakadoodle and here’s her reply:

“I love Abrakadoodle because they have great teachers and we make great art!”

– Angeline (mom) and Dana Joy (daughter)(5)

The kids on canvas camp was a great opportunity to let Rui-En to try out painting on canvas like a real artist. Definitely boosted her creativity through exposure to the various artists’ works and inspiration from other camp mates’ creations. The sharing by each child on one of their creations on the last day was a meaningful way to end the camp. Thanks for giving her this fun experience in a clean and cheery environment.

– June (mum), Rui-En (daughter), Age 6+

My kids attended the Kids on Canvas Camp last year. They are still sharing fond memories from the camp with us, whenever they look at their art pieces, hanging proudly on the wall at home!

– Ai Wei (mum), Trevor, Age 10, Tessa, Age 7

My 5 year old (Vera) attended art classes at Abrakadoodle for 1 year and a half. I can’t recommend Abrakadoodle enough. It is both structured and non-structured at the same time and it is truly one of the most creative art classes for kids that I have come across.

I also enrolled Vera in the Kids on Canvas camp which is a fabulous class for kids who want to learn all about painting. During the class, she was taught to use a variety of brushes to mix and layer colours on canvas using acrylic and created 6 beautiful pieces of art work in 3 days.

– Su Ling (mum), Vera (5)

We’ve been going to Abrakadoodle for more than a year now. Gabriel started when he was just over 2 years old with the Twoosy Doodlers class, an accompanied class which had parents assisting the young ones with their art.

It was with great pride that I watched Gabriel graduate early last year to the unaccompanied Mini Doodlers class. The different modules covered each week allow the kids to work with various mediums, such as modelling clay, watercolour, acrylic paint, etc. The children are also taught different techniques each week.

As a parent, I am very happy that my son enjoys creating new pieces of art every week and looks forward to the classes so much. Thanks to the cheerful and enthusiastic teachers at Abrakadoodle, who have helped to instill a love of art and creativity in my little boy.

– Adeline (Mom), Gabriel (Son) (4)

I love Abrakadoodle because it adds colors to my world!

– Mrs Phoebe Choo (mum), Valerie (daughter), Age 6+

We love Abrakadoodle Parties!

Both Joe and Eli always look forward to Friday afternoons making beautiful masterpieces for Mommy- although often Eli’s masterpieces end up exuberantly worn in the form of paint down his legs where his artwork has sprung off the page! We loved Joe’s birthday celebration making dinosaurs last year- all his friends had a wonderful time! Thanks for lots of lovely memories

– Natalie Epton-Tan (mum), Joe (6), Eli (4)

We wish to thank you and all your friendly staff for hosting a wonderful party for our twins, who said it was the BEST party EVER in their whole life!!!

Thank you for ensuring that there were so many staff to assist in organizing the art rooms, party room and “herding” the kids for us! We were very impressed by the level of professionalism in your organization of the party, including the fact that you even held a staff meeting beforehand to work out all the party logistics 2 weeks in advance. Even my mum was very impressed by how friendly and patient all your staff were with the kids.

All the parents present were also very impressed and made many positive comments about Abrakadoodle. You might get more enquiries for birthday parties in the near future!

We are so glad we made the right decision in holding our twins’ joint birthday parties at Abrakadoodle :-)Many thanks,

– Charissa (mum), Mark (dad), Michael (9), Chiara (6), Luca (6)