How Art Enhances your Kid’s Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

It might sound surprising, especially for traditional parents who value the core subjects in school, but art is more than teaching your kids self-expression or how to appreciate beauty in different forms. It actually also develops problem-solving and enhances critical thinking.

Painting, for example, teaches them about brush strokes and to try another way of using the brush until they achieve the effect that they want – that’s already a problem-solving trait, lurking there while they create art!

Presenting their painting, like what we do here in Abrakadoodle, encourages them to explain their work, talking about how they came up with that creation, making them think and reason out and understand the process of making that art. Trying to explain their work to others, enhances their critical-thinking and language skills.

Interpreting a painting also encourages kids to think in a different way, questioning what do they feel or what do they remember when they see a specific painting, making them see connections and coming up with more questions than they intended to.

Art which is open-ended and focused on the process, not the results, encourages an endless opportunity to make decisions, come up with conclusions, evaluate results and rethink decisions, traits necessary for success in any career or in life.

There are so many ways kids can benefit from making art so as much as possible, provide them outlets to channel their creativity, to help your kids become flexible thinkers and great problem-solvers.